Hut Booking

There are 32 bunk beds at the Whakapapa Mountain Club hut.

  • 16 of the club bunks can be booked up to 12 months in advance.
  • Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Four of the fixed booking bunks will be available for guests (this number can be increased by applying to the committee for additional guest space.)
  • Full payment for the fixed bookings will be made via the hut account at time of booking.
  • Bunks that are un-booked through the fixed booking scheme 11 days prior to the date will become available for regular bookings.
  • 16 of the bunks plus those that have not been booked through the fixed booking scheme will be available for booking up to 11 days ahead of any time.
  • Hut accounts must have adequate funds to cover any bookings prior to your staying in the hut.
  • Confirmation for guests wishing to stay in the hut is two days in advance dependant on available beds. Weekend bookings for guests will be confirmed after 8 pm on the preceding Wednesday. Once confirmed, guests cannot be displaced by a member with a late booking.
  • If you are unable to get to the hut because the Bruce Road or the mountain is closed, you will be credited for the nights not stayed (does not apply to fixed bookings).
  • Weekend cancellations made after 8 pm on the preceding Wednesday will be charged for the weekend. If we find a replacement for your booking then we may cancel that charge.
  • When and if the hut is more than 50% booked, the booking officer will allocate bunk numbers in the regular fashion.
  • Subscriptions must be paid and current to make a booking.
  • During the RAL Ski season, bookings for either Friday or Saturday nights will be charged for the full weekend.
  • When making a booking for a junior member there must be an adult member who will accompany that junior member while staying in the hut and be responsible for that junior member at all times.
  • Junior members are five years to seventeen years inclusive.
  • Child guests are five years to twelve years inclusive.
  • No child under the age of five will stay in the hut except for the allocated Nursery week or weekend determined by the club captain and the committee.
  • Hut bookings can be made via the club web page ( or by phoning Julie Dippie on 07-308-9349.

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