Summer Membership

Summer Membership Rules

There are 2 classes of membership within the club, in additional to Full or Regular Membership there shall also be Summer Membership.

Summer Membership is a part or limited membership and only entitles the Summer Member to stay in the hut as a Member in their own right from 1st January to the 1st June.

Application for Summer Membership must be submitted to the Club Committee under the same rules and procedures as full membership, with the exception that Applicants may live anywhere within NZ.

Summer Members are entitled to take guests with them and are bound by the same rules and privileges as full members within the limited time frames specified herein with the following exceptions;

  1. Summer Members will not be allowed to hire ski racks or lockers;
  2. Summer Members are not permitted any voting rights in terms of the operation of the club or at the Annual General Meeting;
  3. Summer Members are not permitted to serve on the committee.
  4. Summer Members are not permitted to propose or second any candidate for membership of either type.

Summer Membership is charged annually and is at a lesser rate than full membership.

Summer Membership rates are decided at a General Meeting with recommendations from the committee.

Where the words “Member” or “Membership” appears within the rules unless stated herein this is a reference to full membership and not Summer Membership