Newsletter Update

NEWSLETTER Update, specific to RMCA’s Response to COVID19

14th April 2020

In addition to seeking financial relief as mentioned in the newsletter dated 6th April (and has been initiated), the RMCA Council has taken up a Fund Raising opportunity provided to us from a club member with long term family and personal commitment to the RMCA clubs. Please note, this project does not financially or legally bind any club. It does not utilise any RMCA funds. It will stand alone as its own RMCA Special Project.

In simple terms the RMCA will:

  • Build a relief fund for the benefit of RMCA member clubs.
  • By selling face-masks via an RMCA Website link from which RMCA receive a % of every sale.

Initially the RMCA will focus on building the fund from now until August. During August, or if completed prior, the RMCA will provide the criteria for how the fund may be accessed by member clubs and what processes will be in place for clubs to make an application for relief. At the RMCA AGM, in late October, the RMCA will provide an update about the Relief Fund.

For this to work, we ask you to share this information with your club members and if in the market for purchasing face masks in coming weeks/months to purchase from the RMCA website link so that the relief fund can build.

The link will be posted on the RMCA website and FaceBook page during this week.

Linda Danen

RMCA President
Ruapehu Mountain Clubs Association