Whakapapa Parking Update


A club member received this response below from RAL this morning. I have just spoken with Linda Danen RMCA chairperson and response is correct. During L2 if staying in the club and arriving after 4 pm there is no need to book parking if parked in overnight parking. If arriving before 4pm then you will need to book for that day. Clear as mud.

Call Julie to make a booking, members that were there in the weekend had a great time clocking up 80 runs over the weekend.

There has admittedly been some confusion and mixed messages around this over the last couple of days however, we are now comfortable that lodge numbers can be accounted for in our capacity and we can confirm the below whilst at Level 2:

-if arriving during opening hours (prior to 4pm) you will need to book a park for the day you arrive only

-if arriving after 4pm you will not need to book a park

-if staying in a club and parking overnight you must ensure your vehicle is in the overnight parking and a map to indicate where this is can can be found by following the link below:


I hope this helps and apologies for any confusion whilst we have worked through this.